Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Freshers Fair

University of York Students' Union

Freshers Fair

Starts: 29 September 2018 11:00 am

Ends: 29 September 2018 16:00 pm

Location: Heslington West Campus

The perfect place to discover all of the incredible opportunities and services to get involved with at the Students' Union and University.

This is your chance to join sports clubs, societies and media groups - plus learn a bit more about how you can get involved with our volunteering projects, liberation networks or YUSU Raising & Giving. There’ll also be commercial companies handing out all sorts of freebies, and of course our free freshers tote bags!

This event is located all over Campus West and we promise there really is something for everyone.




Overview Map (PDF)

01 - Student Centre (PDF)

  • Outdoor Commerical Stands
  • Poster Sale
  • Freshers Tickets
  • YUSU Advice & Support Centre
  • Farmers Market

02 - Physics Exhibition Centre (PDF)

  • Freebie Stands
  • Commerical Stands

03 - Central Hall (PDF)

  • Go Global & Faith Space (International Societies & Faith Groups)

04 -Spring Lane Building (PDF)

  • Vintage Fair
  • University Stands

05 - Hendrix Hall (PDF)

  • Geeks & Uniques (Special Interest, Games and Fandom)

06 -Vanbrugh Dining (PDF)

  • Big Thinkers (Political & Academic Groups)

06 -Vanbrugh Arms (PDF)

  • Media Hub

07 - James Dining Hall (PDF)

  • Volunteering & Fundraising
  • Liberation Zone

08 - RKC (PDF)

  • The Great Taset (Food & Drink Societies)
  • Culture Corner (Arts & Cultural Societies)
  • The Greatest Show (Performance Societies)

09 - Sports Main Hall (PDF)

  • Sports & FItness
  • Sports Demonstrations

10 - Sports Arena (PDF)

  • Sports & FItness


Freshers Fair priority access hour: 10am - 11am 

We want our student families, disabled students and carers to have the best Freshers experience possible. This year we are opening our Freshers Fair an hour earlier for students who require a calmer and less busy environment in order to access the many different stalls and activities on offer.

There are also a number of Chill Out Zones along the route of Freshers Fair, open all day (10am - 4pm)  to anyone who needs to take a break. These are conveniently located near toilets and baby change facilities, and will be identified on the Freshers Fair route map (P/L/006  - Exhibition Centre; SLB/001 -Spring Lane Building; PT/003 - Physics Exhibition Centre; V/N/044 - Vanbrugh College; G/N/025D - James College). Members of YUSU staff will be there to chat to people in the Chill Out Zones throughout the day. 

If you have any questions about Priority Access Hour, please contact the YUSU Advice and Support Centre on