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Officer By-Election 2019: The Results Are In!

Over the last two weeks, students have come forward, seeking to fill positions left vacant in the recent election, to represent York students in our Liberation Networks and Faculties on the issues that matter to them.

Nominations opened from 4 - 9 March and voting ran from 11 - 15 March. The results of the by-election are below and a full breakdown of the voting can be found here.

Meet Your Incoming Part-Time Officers



BAME Students' Officer(s):

Karla Perlaza & Zainab Moalinn

Disabled Students' Officer(s):

Elana Greaves & Victoria Cornford

Working Class & Social Mobility Officer(s):  

Courtney Smith & Joel Stasiuk


Part-time Officers are student volunteers who are currently studying at York University. They represent students on a range of issues including liberation, volunteering, raising and giving and environment and ethics. Alongside delivering their manifestos, they also become the leaders of the student Network of their position and are supported by a committee.


Meet Your Incoming Faculty Reps



Faculty Rep (Social Sciences):

Zsofia Majer

Faculty Rep (Arts and Humanities):  

Camilla Pederiva


Like Part-Time Officers, Faculty Representatives carry out their roles alongside their studies and seek to improve the experiences of students on campus. Faculty Reps work behind the scenes, sitting on some of the highest-level committees to shape and influence University-wide decisions.


The new incoming Part-Time Officers and Faculty Reps will join the recently elected teams and take up their position for next year. The Deputy Returning Officer for the by-election said:

“With the majority of roles contested and an array of interesting ideas put forward, there was a palpable commitment, from all candidates, to seeking positive changes for students. Congratulations to everyone for contributing to a vibrant and fair election.”

If you want to learn more about our Part-Time Officers, student Networks, or how you are represented in your Department and Faculty, click here. If you’re interested about making positive change yourself at University, applications to become a Department Rep are now open. Click here to find out more and apply by 12pm on Friday 26th April, 2019!