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York students vote ‘Yes’ to support calls for a public vote on Brexit

After a long week of campaigning and voting, students at York have voted ‘yes’ for YUSU to support calls for a public vote on Brexit. Students were asked: Should YUSU support a referendum on the final deal of the UK’s departure from the European Union, with an option to remain?  Voters were given the option to vote yes, no or to abstain.

The results of the referendum were as follows:

Total Votes Cast

Turnout (%)

Total ‘Yes’ Votes

Total ‘No’ Votes

Total Abstentions







The referendum saw 1236 students vote, surpassing the quoracy threshold of 5% of the student body with a 6.2% turnout. Since a majority of students voted in favour of this idea, it becomes active Union policy. This mandates Officers and staff to work with students on implementing the idea.  A meeting will be held with the Yes campaign to discuss next steps. Announcing the results of the first referendum of the academic year, the Deputy Returning Officer said: “At a time when the conduct of our national political leaders leaves a bit to be desired, it was reassuring to see our campaign teams conduct themselves so admirably. They were constructive in the way they raised issues and they demonstrated high levels of respect for each other.”

Read the full referendum report here.