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Lecture Capture announcement

It is a great pleasure to announce that York has adopted an updated Lecture Capture Policy, which will require almost all lectures to be recorded. This is ultimately thanks to the hard work put in by YUSU Academic Reps and Academic Officers, and a great example of the kind of benefits that YUSU lobbying can achieve.

The updated policy now requires all lectures to be recorded unless they meet one of three opt-out criteria: being unsuitable for recording due to being interactive sessions, containing sensitive or confidential information that cannot be recorded, or having been affected by exceptional circumstances. In practice this means that only a small number of lectures will not be recorded, and in those cases where the opt-out is used departments will be expected to communicate this to their students.

Lecture capture is a revision tool for students: it is best used when looking back over lectures you have attended to refresh your learning, not to catch up on lectures you have purposefully missed. If there is evidence to suggest that the implementation of lecture capture is causing a decline in lecture attendance, then there is the risk the policy could be overturned for future years - something we all want to avoid.