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NUS Delegate 2018/19 Elections: Results

YUSU is a member organisation of the National Union of Students (NUS). Established in 1922, the NUS represents around 7 million students across the UK and campaigns to promote and improve student rights.

Like YUSU, the NUS is a democratic, student-led organisation and has elected Officers who run campaigns on a wide range of issues relevant to students and respond to policy ideas submitted by their membership. From 8th-11th of April 2019 in Glasgow, the NUS will hold its annual National Conference - the largest democratic gathering of students in the world.

Due to the size of the student population at the University of York, we are eligible to send 5 delegates to National Conference, one of which is reserved for the Union President (James Durcan). The other 4 delegate positions are elected by a cross-campus ballot.  

At NUS National Conference 2014, delegates passed a policy to ensure that delegations to National Conference would be made up of ‘at least 50% self-defining women, rounded down’. For us, that means at least 2 of our 4 elected delegates will be self-defining women. This is worked out by having one vote count of all the self-defining women, removing the two winners, and holding a second vote count of all the candidates together.

NUS Delegates are elected by Single Transferable Vote (STV). Nominations for the positions were open for two weeks, with voting held between Monday 19th - Friday 23rd of November 2018. 16 students nominated themselves for the position and 329 votes were cast online.

In the first vote count (for self-defining women) the quota to be elected was 74 votes.

No one reached this, so the quota was reduced, the candidates with the least votes were eliminated and students’ votes were redistributed to their next preference. In Round 3, Steph (Effy) Hayle met the quota (66.67) and was elected with 69 votes. No other candidate reached the quota, so candidates were eliminated for further rounds until Chloe Hann met the quota (44.50)  with 47 votes in Round 6. The two positions reserved for self-defining women were then filled.

Steph and Chloe were then withdrawn and the election was counted for a second time with the remaining candidates. Robert Ward was elected when he reached the quota (69.33) with 71 votes in Round 11 and Conor Muller reached the quota (56.33) with 60 votes in Round 12, which filled the remaining two positions.

In summary, this year’s Delegates to NUS National Conference are:

  • James Durcan

  • Steph (Effy) Hayle

  • Chloe Hann

  • Robert Ward

  • Conor Muller

You can follow the link here for a breakdown of voting in the election.