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Your Policy

Policy is the steer we get from our members about the priorities for the Union. From lobbying the University for improvements, to taking a stand on a national or international issue. You say what you want, officers do it.

Your Policy

WE BELIEVE... Your chance to set YUSU's agenda

YUSU Officers represent you within the University, to the wider community and on a national stage. It's important they are saying what you're thinking.

This term, we are putting the power in your hands to set out what your Students' Union should be doing in the year ahead by suggesting, deciding upon and prioritising the Policy that guides them.


Click here to see Current YUSU Policy, as decided by students.


Good question! A policy is a statement of belief outlining the position of the student body on a given issue. This belief is what will influence the actions of YUSU officers - taking the things that matter to you to decision-makers in the University, to the NUS, and within the Union itself. It should be short and clear, but broadly defined - it's the officers' responsibility to tell you how they will get it done.


"We believe that students' have the right to timely, clear and useful feedback on their assessed work. This should be provided in an accessible format and the student should have the opportunity to discuss comments with the marker or another academic. In particular, YUSU believes the University of York should commit to providing feedback to students within 4 weeks of submission and sooner when possible."