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YUSU is a union run for, and by, the 15,000 students at the University of York. We're a charity that helps students share ideas, create change, gain new skills and access help and support while at University. Have a look around these pages to see what we do and how we're doing it.

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Referenda:- Finalised Motions

Posted by Union Chair, 08/05/2012.

Final details on this terms referenda motions

The motions have been finalised for this terms referenda after the period of amendments closed.   Firstly we have;


“Should YUSU engage with the university on how tuition fee income is being spent?”

If members vote YES ;

• YUSU will continue to oppose the government’s decision to cut HEFCE funding by 80% and to raise the tuition fee cap to £9,000.

• YUSU will continue to support NUS in its campaigns against tuition fees and its efforts to keep the debate on the national agenda, subject to continued approval from YUSU members.

• YUSU will lobby the University to be up front about where its extra fee income is being spent and ensure that it is based on the views and interests of the student body.

• YUSU will continue to lobby the University to ensure that it is attracting students from a diverse range of backgrounds, including continuing to increasing the proportion of students it recruits from lower socio-economic backgrounds and offering these students the support they need to stay at University.

•  YUSU will lobby the University to offer students bursaries instead of fee waivers and ensure that both the Union and the University communicate effectively the support and funding arrangements in place.

• This will replace previous policy on tuition fees.


and secondly, after some slight amendments;


“Should YUSU lobby the university to discontinue all research contracts with BAE systems?”

If members vote YES;

• "YUSU will actively lobby the University of York to discontinue its acceptance of research funding from BAE Systems. That is, to engage in concerted and potentially repeated attempts to discourage the University from accepting such contracts."


To get involved with the campaigns for and against these motions, email in to democracy@yusu.org, or turn up to the campaigner briefing, Wednesday Week 3, 5:30pm. in W035.

Also, a reminder, we have the Referenda Debate, Friday Week 3, 6:30pm in V045



The above blog is the view of an elected student at the University of York. Unless explicitly stated it does not reflect official YUSU policy. Any questions about the content of this blog should be sent to the author.