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Your Union

YUSU is a union run for, and by, the 15,000 students at the University of York. We're a charity that helps students share ideas, create change, gain new skills and access help and support while at University. Have a look around these pages to see what we do and how we're doing it.


December 2014

  1. Elections Next Term
  2. End of Term Review
  3. York Sport Committee End of Term Round Up.
  4. YUSU Volunteering End of Term round up!
  5. LGBTQ Network Autumn Term Review

November 2014

  1. UKIP - My View
  2. Disability History Weeks
  3. Happy Birthday to the Kitchen
  4. Disclosing your disability to employers
  5. Upcoming YUSU Volunteering Events!
  6. Cancellation of the bus to the 'Free Education Demo'
  7. Mid-term Update!
  8. Industrial Action
  9. Why people should run for Access/Disability Rep
  10. An Open Letter to College JCRCs

October 2014

  1. RAG Week
  2. Volunteering for Walkaround of Campus
  3. PRG Volunteering Opportunity
  4. A new term of Volunteering!
  5. Disabled Students' Network First Meeting
  6. Consultation, Consultation, Consultation
  7. Freshers Fair Aftermath
  8. Be the Change You Want to See!

September 2014

  1. Freshers
  2. 10 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Freshers Fair
  3. The importance of Applying for DSA
  4. York Sport Union Performance Programme 14/15
  5. 3 Reasons To Get Involved in Activities
  6. Pre-Season Training Camp 2014
  7. GreatWithDisability Campus Advisor Opportunity
  8. Drop-in dates for Disabled Students

August 2014

  1. RAG Conference
  2. Welcome to New Freshers
  3. Official College Groups
  4. Access Your Future III Committee Needed

July 2014

  1. York Sport Union Update
  2. Mental Health Awareness Day Announcement
  3. York Sport Union Update

June 2014

  1. This term's roundup
  2. Looks like we made it...
  3. Time to say goodbye!
  4. A round up of all things Volunteering!
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT: Official YUSU Club Night 2014/15
  6. YUSU Press Conference - TODAY!
  7. LGBTQ Network's Summer Term Review
  8. End of Office Press Conference Tuesday Week 10
  9. Week 8 - is it me or is it getting hot (busy) in here!?
  10. NUS Referendum Results!
  11. Access Your Future 2 - The Return
  12. Officers' Questions- submit your anonymous questions now!
  13. NUS Referendum - Should we stay or should we go?
  14. Has This Referendum Been Fair?

May 2014

  1. Summer Storage 2014
  2. YUSU and YSJSU's open letter to David Willetts
  3. Should YUSU remain affiliated with The NUS? Campaigns, debate and vote!
  4. Awards & Colours!
  5. Summer Term Volunteering Events!
  6. All The Events!
  7. #EU2014 - Get your VOTE OOOT!
  8. Society Funding Information
  9. Student Run Letting Agency UPDATE
  10. Testimony from Disabled Students needed
  11. Get Involved!- NUS Affiliation Referendum and Submit Your Ideas
  12. Excellence in Teaching and Supervision Awards
  13. Awards, SKYDIVE, Summerball and then Freshers
  14. Mental Health Awareness Week - Trans Mental Health
  15. York Sport Committee Elections!
  16. The Key Texts Section; What's The Sodding Point?
  17. DSA cuts and our opposition

April 2014

  1. Still so much for you to do!
  2. Roses 2014
  3. Term 3 Opportunities
  4. Welcome back to York! The library and more.
  5. Network By-Elections and NUS LGBT Conference Delegate Elections
  6. Your new volunteering officers, and Roses 2014!
  7. Focus Group about Discrimination towards Disabled People in York
  8. #NUSnc14 - And our one member one vote motion.
  9. Hospital Bus Time Table #HBSauce!
  10. Catering Doors open again for exam time

March 2014

  1. SHARE! York Alcohol Restriction Zone
  2. UoY NOT proceeding with INTO College
  3. Be a College Tutor in 2014/15
  4. #GAINS for Health Sciences Students.
  6. Hi, I'm your new Policy Coordinator
  7. NUS Disabled Students Conference Report
  8. Societies Review and the all important Re-ratification!
  9. LGBTQ Network's Spring Term Review
  10. I Am Not Invisible - Stories from the LGBTQ community
  11. YuFund deadline fast approaching!
  12. New Socs - and the rest of the clothes line!
  13. DSN Committee Elections

February 2014

  1. Information and Resources about and for Trans* people
  2. Policy & Review Group, say hi
  3. We are so close to the weekend...
  4. Campaigning AND the Community
  5. Why Change 100 is a great programme
  6. #goodday #badday 'The perspective of someone with an eating disorder'
  7. Do You Want a Job?
  8. #goodday #badday 'Only when I accepted I had an illness did I begin to learn to live with it and begin dealing with it'
  9. College Varsity Slogan Competition results!
  10. Self Defense Classes
  11. Myth busting MONDAY
  12. College Varsity Qualifier Results
  13. #goodday #badday Tasha's Blog
  14. Volunteering this Spring Term
  15. RAG WEEK
  16. THEY'RE COMING! Circular Billboards!
  17. PCC question time
  18. #goodday #badday Jemima's Blog and Video
  19. #goodday #badday Tay's Blog
  20. Have a #GoodDay
  21. Let's Make Club Nights More Accessible

January 2014

  1. Tick tock - the employment clock
  2. Pirates! Pirates Everywhere!
  3. Call It In
  4. Shape your societies - We need your help!
  6. University Strike Action
  7. Why BSL must be an LFA
  8. Elections. Appointments. Cats.
  10. It's just like West Side Story.
  12. The Ace Report
  13. Happy 5th BIRTHDAY to the COURTYARD!
  14. Cycle Alert at YourShop
  15. Exam Season: Additional Revision Spaces
  16. Catering doors open half an hour earlier
  17. HAPPY