Rep Recruitment

Have a voice, make an impact

Our Academic Representative Network continues to strengthen with each year seeing new successes including:

  • Improvements to how assessments are marked and how feedback is given
  • Removal of unpopular or irrelevant modules
  • Increasing resources both in the department and the library
  • Escalating complaints about teaching environments to make tangible improvements
  • Implementation of mentoring schemes

YUSU is recruiting for the following Department Reps for the 2017/18 academic year: Computer Science, Criminology, Health Sciences UG, Languages and Linguistic Science, Social Policy and Social Work and York Management School. If you are in a different Department and are intersted, contact as there may still be opportunities available.

If you are interested download the application here and return it to

What is a Department Rep?

All Academic Reps play a major role in developing a better university for students. As a Department Rep you take it a step further as you take a leadership role as work with your Course Reps to make positive changes to their department as a whole.

Department Reps are an invaluable key contact for both departments and YUSU which allows you to give students an even louder voice. The main purpose of the Department Rep is to make their department better for its students.

Why volunteer?

Alongside developing and improving the learning experience for students in your department you will also gain valuable skills and experience with the responsibilities you are given, training you receive and what you learn on the job with support from YUSU and the Department Rep team.

  • Team-working & cooperation
  • Leadership & motivation
  • Communication & negotiation
  • Organisation & time management
  • Public speaking & self-confidence
  • Problem solving & research
  • Meeting etiquette & knowledge of Higher Education policy

You’ll also be part of a dynamic peer network comprised of reps from across every University department.  


  • Championing Academic Representation by actively seeking out feedback and encouraging both students and Course Reps to engage with the network
  • Supporting Course Reps in representing the views and interests of all students within your department, both formally and informally, using all available channels
  • Speak on behalf of students at meetings in your department, across the University and through using YUSU’s democratic structures
  • Inform students on the outcomes of meetings, in particular where changes they have asked for are being implemented
  • Regularly updating the Student Engagement Development Coordinator at YUSU on your achievements, impact and experiences
  • Working with YUSU and the rest of Department Reps to run university-wide campaigns and improve academic policies for all students


  • The role requires on average around 5 hours per week during term time
  • Attending departmental meetings such as Board of Studies and Student-Staff Forums
  • Attending fortnightly Department Rep meetings along with the Academic Officer and Faculty Reps
  • You will also have the opportunity to attend other meetings both within the department and across the University

Required experience

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been a Course Rep or what your previous experience is, all that matters is your desire to get involved and passion to improve your department. You are supported by both YUSU and department staff but the following skills are an advantage.

  • Ability to communicate well
  • Be approachable and a good listener
  • Work with respect, with tact and without bias

What is it really like?

If you want to know more about what it is really like being a Department Rep then have a word with one of the students who is currently in the role.

  • “My experience as a rep has been fun, challenging and rewarding. I have helped improve student experiences by improving assessment feedback and getting the department to offer extra tutoring for the more difficult modules.” - Environment Rep

  • “It’s been eye-opening, listening to other department’s experiences, it’s amazing how different each separate area of the University is run. I think it’s vital that departments are sharing ideas and problems to gain information, ideas and advice from other reps” - Management Rep

  • “I have always been one to enact change and this has been an excellent way to do it. I have learned a lot about YUSU and the University and I’ve loved it. I’ve achieved loads. Literally every week I achieve something on at least one programme.” - TFTV Rep

  • “Being a rep has been a really rewarding experience. It’s sometimes difficult as you can’t please everyone. Learning to communicate with the cohort, explaining why and how decisions are made and assessing what is important to the cohort has improved the relationship between the cohort and reps. If what we do as reps can help even just one person in the cohort, it’s been worth the effort!” - Maths Rep

Next Steps

If you are interested please complete this application form and return it to or pop over to the YUSU Student Centre and fill out a paper copy. If your application is approved you will be invited to attend an informal interview.

If you have any questions or need any help feel free to contact YUSU or any of your current Department Reps.

T: 01904 323647