Academic Reps

Find Out Who Your Reps Are

Academic Reps are students who are act as the voice of their cohort within the University. They represent you on your Course, within your Department, and across your Faculty and the University as a whole.

It’s important that you raise any issues with your representatives so they can act upon it. You can find your reps by using the Academic Rep Directory 2016/17.

See below for more information your Course Reps, Department Reps, Faculty Reps and your Academic Officer.


For more info contact:
f: yusuacademicreps
t: @YUSUCourseReps

Applications for some Department Reps are still being accepted, find out more here.

Course Reps

There are over 440 Course Reps across all academic departments, representing both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Course Reps are elected representatives who act as the main communication channel between students and department staff. The Advice & Support Centre is also here to support students who have academic or welfare concerns.

You can find out who your rep is by using the Academic Rep Directory.

Speak to your Course Rep if you have any queries or problems relating to your course, they are here to help and to take any issues or ideas to department staff - so make sure you tell them your thoughts!

Ways to feedback on your course include:


The National Student Survey

Final year students also have the opportunity to feedback through the National Student Survey (NSS). The survey is great chance for students to help enhance teaching and learning experiences in their department and help future students choose where to study.

Department Reps

Department Reps lead the team of Course Reps within their Department. There are currently 29 Department Reps who lead student representation across the University. You can find who is representing you on the Academic Rep Directory 2016/17


Applications are now open for Department Reps - find out more information and apply here.


Who are they and what are they doing?

Find out more about who your Department Rep is and what they are working on by checking out their updates below.


Could you be a Department Rep?

Applications are now open for Department Reps. 

If you would like to get involved with developing a better university for students, leading a team of Course Reps and working with both YUSU and other reps to make positive changes to your Department, then apply to be a Department Rep!


Katie Deyes - Department of Psychology

Psychology reps have successfully lobbied the Department for a new study space, hopefully one of the old sleep labs is going to be converted. They are also working on boosting the NSS response rate in the department. 

Katie is also trying to create a support network for students who have any issues or worries but aren't sure who to turn to. This includes open hours that are starting next term.


Michael 'Tebby' Watkins - Sociology

Sociology are currently trying to get modules to trial lecture capture and soothe the Department's concerns about it. They are also looking into how they can improve assessments and also how the VLE can help boost awareness of Course Reps.

Tebby would like to help with new styles of assessment and is trying to find out which types of exams Sociology students prefer e.g. closed vs open exams. 

Faculty Reps

For each Faculty at the University of York there is an elected student rep. These reps sit on University Senate and represent the student voice at Faculty Boards. Each term the Faculty Reps hold Faculty Forums where all students are welcome to attend and join in the discussions.

The current undergraduate Faculty Reps are:

Matthew Worrall
Arts & Humanities 


Christian Stickels


Brontë Wright
Social Sciences

The postgraduate Faculty Reps are recruited and supported by the Graduate Students Association.

Academic Officer

Tamaki Laycock is Your Academic Officer for 2016/17. Tamaki is currently working on:

  • Accessibility - ensuring there is a focus on making sure that all students have their needs met as the university continues to expand 
  • Timetabling - continuting to tackle problems with both exams and teaching timetabling and making sure your voice is heard
  • NSS - enabling an informed discussion around the current policy proposals and updating students on the Higher Education Bill
  • Exams - preparing how the Academic Representation Network can support students through upcoming exams 

Check out Tamaki's recent blog or Follow her on Facebook and Twitter and find out what she has been up to.